What is GYLO all about?

What’s the purpose of this website? How is it funded? What can I expect from it?

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When did Get Your Life On® get started?

Get Your Life On began in 2011. 

Who is behind GYLO and what is that person's goal with this website?

Who is behind Get Your Life On?

They call me Anne!

One intention is to improve my writing skills. I’m weaker than I care to admit with grammar. Therefore, I use grammar software and type multiple times a day to improve. My struggle with grammar began when I was young. I grew to become afraid of speaking. Song writing and poetry sparked an interest in self expression through writing. I took advanced poetry in college which exposed my natural talent at creative writing. 

I’m mature enough to know that creative writing doesn’t mean I am skilled at conveying a message. 

Creating a movement, sparking mass change, or influencing a generation takes knowledge and practice. 

That’s my intention.

What will this website provide

First and foremost, Information.

Resources that I find match my values and beliefs in that moment. My values and beiefs will change over time. That doesn’t mean that the informaton I took from a resource wasn’t valueable then or now. It just means I have changed. My goals is express what I garnerd from a resource and share that with you. Should that resonate with you or spark curiosity, then you can explore that on your own.

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