Divi 4.0

So simple, you can build a website in your kitchen. 

Tomorrow the new Divi 4.0 is released and they are giving away a 15″ MacBook Pro. Find out what’s new and enter for a chance to win the new MacBook.

Countdown To Divi 4.0








What’s new in Divi 4.0

On top of being the most advanced page builder available, you can now change the entire site with Divi 4.0

Not just the page, but hte header, footer and wireframe of the entire site. That’s big!

Global Settings

Change the way your posts and pages are structured. Don’t mess with making the standard changes to each page or post as you create them. Make it standard across the board. Saving TIME! That’s important. We all want more of that.

Leading Page Builder

With so many new possibilities and only $249 for a lifetime of layouts, modification abilities, customizations, support, and updates, you can’t go wrong with Elegant Themes Divi 4.0