The Written Ramblings of Anne

My writings are inspired by the moment or a writing promopt. I’m not expecting anyone else to agree. If you’re moved to comment, please do. Also expect a response. I truly enjoy a good conversation but I have no expectations other than it not be spam. Happy reading!





Writing Promts

Answering 300 writing prompts to begin with. Vulnerable and honest answers to hundreds of questions about life, my beliefs, how I perceive simple and complex things and what I’m learning about it all-along the way.

Random Topics

Mostly current events or history.  This may include but is not limited to political views, vulnerable rants, or anything off topic. You’ll find great recipes we love and videos of us trying to create them.


When I find something that works for me… I share it. This means I’m sharing what about it inspires me to share. Sometimes there’s a link but I don’t write to get them to pay me. I share what works for me and they offered.

More great ways to find these ridiculously mind-numbing, silly, outrageous blog articles that will tickle your cerebrum and probably trigger your parietal lobe. #NotSorry