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GYLO Podcast

In late 2018 I decided I would give the podcast idea more attention. It was something I tossed around in 2012. The reason for it was a little less purpose and a little more marketing.

To shed some light on that I have been a marketer/promoter for over 10 years. Branding, writing, designing and sharing other people’s stories. While deep in side I really wanted to use my own voice.

That’s another ironic story. Since I was a child I’ve wanted to sing but hated my own voice. I loved the way it felt but hated the way it sounded. Not sure why but I gather I was picked on.

So now I’ve decided that I am going to throw my mic in the ring. I don’t have “topics” I have words. I love etymology. I believe there is a lot to be learned from how we’ve manipulated words over the centuries and how we live today.

How does this tie in to “Get Your Life On”? We’ll see…